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Students' Achievements

Students' Achievements - We are proud to congratulate and share Zoomers'  on  their achievements. Students who have finished the course, getting opportunities as they have learnt the right skills and attitudes to further their steps in realising their dreams. With their skills, they landed themselves opportunities that opens another door.

Angeline Tan Channel 8 Recruit Diaries (supporting)
Zoomer Angel Yeung - A TVC for all the woman- LACTCYD (for HONG KONG)
madhu in pink dot video

Zoomer Rio hosting fro TRikoCare Road show

joyce ng acne fresh face star contest

Pascal Miss Singapore International Model of the Year 2012

Jim Koh in Ch 8 Dream Makers
Zoomer Zeoane Goh in Ch 5 Code of Law 2 (supporting)
Zoomer Arlene in Ch 5 drama Point of Entry (supporting)
Zoomer Sherraine Law signing autographs for fans
Zoomer Sherraine Law won an award
Zoomer Sherraine Law in print ad
Zoomer Evalee in Ch 8 Love at Risk
Zoomer Faith Chu in period drama
Zoomer Zeoane Goh hosting for Whampo's Arts Festival
Zoomer (hosting class) hosting Money Max Roadshow, She is one of the preferred host by money max client and has been a regular host for their events shows.
Zoomer (hosting class), Zeoane hosting Ah huat Coffee Promo Show @ Nex, featuring Ah Niu, malaysia celebrity, singer composer and actor, ambassador for Ah huat Coffee
Zoomer (hosting class), RIo hosting Trikocare Roadshow
Zoomer (Hosting Class), Angel Yeung in "女人我最大,Queen" Singapore Verison on StarHub TV
Zoomer (Hosting Class), Elison Tan in “知新小玩家” on OKTOTV

Catch Radio DJs Zoomer (Hosting Class), Andrew Zhan & Zoomer (Ellison Tan) over UFM 100.3 on weekends

David Yon in ch 8's  Love at Risk
Vanessa V (Hosting Class) - Channel 5's The Final 1 Host

Kenneth in Point of entry

Zoomer,Tammy Yang
in Miss Singapore Universe Peagent
Zoomers, Drake, Rio, Vanessa and Don
hosting a wedding together.
Zoomer (Hosting) Ellison Tan hosting UOB Road Show

Zoomers in Channel U docu drama

Zoomers Rio and Tomato in Channel U docu drama
Zoomersin short Film(Aiz,NielsonC,Shamir)

Zoomer, Joyce Ng in Channel 5's Docu Drama 'Unnatural Series'


Zoomer Rio Chan hosting for Beijing 101 Roadshow

Zoomer Vanessa in Cleo Magazine

Zoomer Kimberly Chia Fan Meet-up Session
Janice Fion Tay in Ch5 Unnatural.(supporting)
Zoomer (Celebrity) Kimberly Chia in U magazine cover
Zoomer, Kimberly Chia in I-Weekly Cover.
Zoomer (Hosting) hosting Dinner and Dance
Zoomer, Jim Koh hosting Dinner and Dance
Zoomers , Aiz and Charles in Ah Boys to Men movie
Zoomers, Aizzudiin and Charles in ABTM movie.
Zoomer Drake winning Best Actor award in students' film fest

Zoomer, Drake Lim winning Best Actor Award in Student's Film.

Zoomer, Tomato Lee awarded with outstanding performance by ECtv with Edmund Chen
Zoomer, Tomato Lee won Best Performing Award in ECtv's Mission Easy, "Echoing Love" Feature Film.
Little Zoomer in TVC

Zoomer Chloe Ng at 和兴活络油 TVC

Zoomer Arlene in TVC

Zoomer Arlene at Life Insurance TVC

Zoomer Joyce Ng in Ch5 Drama (supporting role)

Zoomer Joyce Ng in Channel 5 Tutor Predator

Zoomer Jim - TVC
Zoomer Jim Koh at Kuishin Bo TVC
Zoomer (Hosting class) hosting Fustal Event
Zoomer Zeoane Goh at Fustal Hosting
Zoomer (acting class) - bus Ads

Zoomer Alan Tan poster on SBS buses

Zoomer, Chloe Ng as main role for movie "The Judgement Day"
Zoomer, Chloe Ng (Kid) in Judgement Day Movie.
Zoomer,Elgin Tan in Giant's Prin tAd.
Zoomer, Erwin Shah Dawson in Ch 5's latest periodic drama,"Mata Mata"

Zoomer, Zeoane Goh hosting 'Sunsilk' Road Show.

Zoomer, Priyanka on starworld Channel
Zoomer, Avalee hosting 'Sunsilk' Road Show.

Zoomer Angel Weiting at Sense of Our Flavours

Zoomers as main casts for Ah Boys to Men movie

Zoomer Aiz acting in Ah Boys To Men

Little Zoomers Chole Ng and Elgin Tan in TVC filming

Zoomer Elgin and Chloe at Bobo Ready-to-eat Sausage TVC