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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a compilation of the frequently asked questions. If you have further enquiries, 

submit an enquiry and we will get back to you soonest possible.


1. Why join Zoom! Academy?

Zoom! Academy's Acting and Hosting classes are conducted by qualified, experienced and popular trainers. They are veteran actors and hosts in the industry and have vast experiences in acting and hosting. They not only impart their valuable experiences in acting and hosting, but also the correct morals and attitude in order for one to go far. The trainers had trained more than 600+ students since 2008. It is beneficial to list and highlight their names in your CV as trainers, because they are all reputable names in the local Film/Entertainment industry.

At Zoom! Academy, we believe that all passionate individuals should be given a chance to shine irregardless of their background or physical appearance. Hence, Zoom! Academy prepares students to present themselves to the casting directors with step-by-step coaching like preparing CV, free professional photoshoot and self-marketing techniques. This empowers Zoomers to carve their future path and create opportunities for themselves rather than relying on talent agencies. Apart from these, Zoomers have intensive training with trainers focusing more on individual's capabilities as the class size is small. This allows the student to be able to rectify their errors and their weaknesses to be attended to.

Courses in Zoom! Academy are designed from Basic to Advanced over a course of 3 to 6 months. Each month is 4 lessons. Our course fee are very affordably priced to ensure all individuals will not have heavy financial burden while pursuing their passion to act or host. 

Zoom! Academy can guarantee that our course fees are the lowest in Singapore!

We would like to invite you to hear comments from our past students via TESTIMONIAL and also have a look at our STUDENTS' ACHIEVEMENTS too.

2. Who should attend which class?

At Zoom! Academy, we welcome all ages (Kids,Teens, Adults and Seniors) to join us as long as they have the passion. Classes are banded according to age range.

Kids Class - 4 to 12 years old

Teens Class - 13 to 16 years old

Adults Class - 17 - 59 years old

Seniors Class - 60 years old and above

3. What happens after the completion of the course?

Students may apply the methods and skills taught during the course to present themselves during auditions to get roles and start a freelance career. Zoom! Academy is an established training academy for local TV station, film/entertainment industry and have excellent reputation,Kids Class - 4 to 12 years old

Zoom! Academy receives frequent invitations by MediaCorp casting directors, production houses, freelance casting directors and events companies requesting for Zoomers for their productions. We recommend and also link up opportunities for our Zoomers, providing a faster way to shine their talents to the appropriate channels.

4. How do I register for the course?

Step 1: View the course outline under COURSES tab and choose the course you wish to register for.

Step 2: View the class schedule under SCHEDULE tab.

Step 3: Click on 'Register!' link within class schedule table or proceed to REGISTER tab to register.

Step 4: Fill in all required fields and submit registration form.

Step 5: Wait patiently for our class confirmation email.

Step 6: Upon receipt of payment

Step 7: TADA! You're done!

5. What if I am unable to commit weekly for the lessons?

You can do make up lessons. Zoom! Academy understand weekly lessons are difficult to commit. Hence, if you have no choice but to miss the scheduled class, please inform Zoom! Academy on the lessons which you are expected to miss with early notice of at least 3 days. Last minute changes are acceptable but please contact us proactively and avoid going missing-in-action. 

6. What are the payment mode available?

Zoom! Academy allows 4 types of payment modes to "Zoom Group Private Limited"

1) PayNow choose "UEN" option and number "201405186C" (Company's UEN Number), then whatsapp image of transaction receipt to 8113 1708.

2) Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit to UOB Corporate Account 422-304-041-6, then whatsapp image of transaction receipt to 8113 1708.

3) Cash Payment at Zoom! Academy

4) Cheque payable to Zoom Group Private Limited

5) NETs payment at Zoom! Academy: 70B Smith Street, Level 3, Singapore 058968

Payment by bank transfer or NETs is preferred. If you can only pay by cash / NETs, please make prior arrangement before coming down to the studio to avoid disappointment. 

7. I would like to withdraw from the class after registration and payment of the fees, can I get a refund?

No. Once payment has been completed, strictly no refund will be entertained. Reason being we have reserved the seat for you and deferred other interested students to future classes. It is unfair to the students and Zoom! Academy's commitment to the trainers.  

8. Will i get a chance to act or host after the course?

  • In the acting course, we are training our students to be a professional actor and an audition with the TV station will be arranged after the course.
  • A the audition, depending on your performance, you will be a freelance contract actor with the TV station and there's no 100% guarantee on your selection as it all depends on your performance during the audition.
  • In the course, students are taught how to create their platform in establishing themselves as an actor/host.
  • A marketing training is included in the course to prepare our students to be ready to launch their portfolio to the industry to be a professional actor/host.

9. Is there any acting/hosting jobs guarantee?

  • For acting class students, we will cast them in local dramas with little or no lines but require acting reaction roles (paid jobs) by local TV station or production houses in dramas. This is to allow our students to be exposed to filming on sets experience.

  • For hosting class students, we will propose them for simple events shows if we do have any enquiry for emcees from our partners.

" Be Trained and attract jobs and learn to build your acting/hosting career platform "